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How might we create an onboarding framework for Adobe Stock?

Project Overview

Despite spending considerable effort designing and building new features on Adobe Stock, our visual search features get low engagement. The Stock site also does not have any consistent way of managing onboarding experiences.

The Challenge

The goal of the framework is to provide a consistent way for designers and product owners to reference to when we launch new product features




Lead UX/UI Design


Ongoing project


Presented to Leadership team and influenced product road map


Our team of 5 designers came together and had a team audit on all the projects we were doing that needed an onboarding process. We had a lot of key areas that needed this piece but every product team had a different thinking of how the feature it should be shown. There was no strategy, guideline or consistency on how onboarding should behave.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 3.58.46 PM.png
Adobe and Competitors

We looked at current Adobe products and competitive apps to see how onboarding and learning are triggered. Adobe mainly uses coach marks, modals, and a combination of internal and external content. Most Adobe products incorporated some sort of learning except Stock.

We also looked into competitive apps and traditional stock sites mostly use banners, coach marks and modals to communicate new features or updates. Each competitor provide learn related content with varying levels of visibility.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.07.32 PM.png

Through our research and audit, we realized that Adobe Stock site needed two different types of onboarding experiences. One for informative and another for instructional. We started documenting and defining what this should mean.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.21.51 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.45.05 PM.png

In order to minimize efforts across teams and help our customers learn about new launches, we need a shared framework.

Our vision was to have a single place to find all the newest features and offerings. This will help -

  • Reduce churn and increase engagement, leading to better conversion

  • Show that the product is constantly updating and improving

  • Helps bring consistency across teams

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.30.14 PM.png

We started a Wiki doc to house Onboarding guidelines to better align all the teams and let people know what has already been done. This will act as the source of truth of how onboarding should behave on our site.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 4.33.03 PM.png

As a result, this will still be an ongoing project for a longer term vision but this is a good start on defining and structuring how onboarding should behave. Upper management and the product team see the value of providing a holistic onboarding framework and we will continue to have this conversation. This project taught me to be a strategic thinker, influential designer, and go above and beyond to solve problems that will have a bigger impact on systemic challenges.

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